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Styling Work Outfits That Aren’t Black Isn’t Easy — Here’s How I Do It

I live in Melbourne. This means that approximately 98.7% of my wardrobe is black. In winter, it's rare that you'll find me out of my trusty black slacks, a hoodie and a puffer jacket, all in black of course.
But sometimes, it's nice to get out of our comfort zones and experiment with our wardrobes — especially at work, where it's easy to slip into dull 'uniform' habits. So, here is how I styled five days' worth of work outfits that aren't black. Hopefully it sparks some sartorial inspo.

Force Some Colour

If you're new to jazzing up your workwear, try the same outfits you'd normally pick, but switch up the colours. I usually wear classic 'office outfits' in winter: a pinstripe shirt, jeans and a puffer jacket (but in black). I went for blue jeans here, pairing them with a pink pinstripe button-up and a burgundy puffer.
My pink gold Samsung Galaxy Watch4 also added a dash of colour to the look. Because even if you're normally Team All Black in the wardrobe department, it's fun to jump on the dopamine dressing bandwagon once in a while.

Get Creative With Layering

One of my favourite winter outfit hacks is to pair summer dresses with jumpers. It helps me to get the most out of my clothes and buy less each season. Bonus: By layering casual weekend-style dresses with structured shirts or jumpers, you can immediately elevate the look, too.
I last wore this long, white dress over Christmas, but pairing it with ankle boots and this cosy pink and red jumper (knitted by my best wholesome!), it's become an office-appropriate, colourful 'fit.
Shop your wardrobe to see which dresses you can zhush up with some creative layering.

Add A Sharp Outer Layer

A white tee and blue jeans is fine for our casual office, but adding a structured blazer like this houndstooth one makes the look feel more considered and polished.
Just make sure the blazer fits properly, otherwise you can end up looking like a kid who's just tried on their parents' clothes.

Incorporate Print

Usually reserved for dads on holiday, short-sleeved, printed shirts can also be fun in the office, layered over singlets, t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts in the cooler months. Pair with some chic navy denim shorts and sneakers and you're good to go!
If you work in an office that's more corporate than casual, swap out the shorts for trousers and the sneakers for ballet flats. Either way, your printed shirt will liven up any dull work conversations.

Pay Attention To Silhouettes

While most polo shirts seen in the office tend to be navy, beige, cream or black, try choosing an unexpected colour like this pastel purple, so you can still be covered up (not to mention, warm) and experiment with colour in an otherwise conservative garment.
I've paired my polo with a pencil skirt and loafers here, but it also works with pants or jeans if you want to show less skin. Tucking the shirt in creates a more grown-up silhouette, even when it's in a cutesie colour.
Let’s face it — working from home for so long has meant that many of us have needed to fall back on the all-black-all-the-time formula to make dressing for the office feel easier. But if things are starting to feel stagnant, it’s easy enough to mix things up! And after not wearing a single black item all week, I can promise that it’s worth it.
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