15 Outfit Ideas For Every Type Of Work Christmas Party

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While we're all scratching our heads at how fast the year flew by, the natural progression of time also means annual work Christmas parties are officially around the corner.
After reserved iterations last year and the take-up of Zoom celebrations the year prior, 2022 is the first time in a while that most of us get to celebrate the end of the year with our colleagues.
From lawn bowls to boats, there's an art form to mastering both practicality and chicness for the perfect party look.
But don't worry — if you've received your work Christmas party invitation in your inbox but are stumped for what to wear, we've got you covered.
Here's how to dress for your end-of-year office soiree, no matter what type of event the party committee throw at you.

The Pub

Between the pool table and beer gardens, the pub offers a casual, fun vibe to celebrate the holidays. A dress that is effortlessly cool and easy to wear will be a winner here, to match the location. All eyes will be on you as you shout the next round!
While jeans and a tee are likely your go-to for pub drinks on a normal day, a Christmas party calls for extra pizzazz. Think: a short dress toned down with comfy white sneakers or a relaxed floral midi style with ankle boots — both will ensure you look super cute while tearing one out on the makeshift dancefloor.

A Long Lunch

Oh to graze peacefully at a nice restaurant with your work wives and husbands. The long lunch is the perfect time to debrief about the year, catch up on office gossip and simply sit back and relax.
You're going to be seated for hours, so comfort is key here. Opt for something looser to accommodate for any siesta blues or bloat. It's almost inevitable that someone knocks over a glass, or food falls off your cutlery, so a darker-coloured dress will cover up any potential stains too.

Boat Party

Ahoy! Love them or hate them, a boat party will likely weave its way into your social calendar over the next two months. The one thing about boat parties is that being prepared is key as you'll be out at sea for hours.
While bringing a jacket for the sea breeze is always advisable, an extra layer of defence is a dress that will stay put so you're not exposed to the elements, nor will it lift up as you're mingling.
If you're lucky, the sun will also be shining, so opting for versatile, temperature-regulating fabrics like cotton or linen will have you covered come rain or shine. Plus, with a backdrop as beautiful and grand as water, opt for something crisp or hued so you pop in your tipsy Instagram selfies.

Lawn Bowls

There's nothing like a group activity to harbour some team bonding, especially when the sun is shining. Whether you're competitive to a fault, or just a good spirit wanting to participate, it's important your fit can move with you as you lunge on the grass with a beverage in hand.
If pants aren't your schtick, a midi dress or skirt will let you show off your athleticism without tripping over the hem or flashing your colleagues. The outdoor environment begs for something summery and flowy — a sleeveless fun print, so everyone can see your guns when you annihilate the scoreboard.

Glitz & Glamour

It's time to give 'em the old razzle-dazzle. For full-blown cocktail events, don't be afraid to lean into sparkle, metallics, or OTT silhouettes.
There's nothing wrong with looking like a cute human bauble at the best of times, but if you're looking for an excuse, the Christmas party is it.
If the dress code is cocktail, it's time to pull your party dress off the rack. Whether you opt for the hottest colour of the year (barbie pink, we're looking at you), or douse yourself in sequins, make sure you lean into it. 'Tis the season after all.
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