New Ways To Wear Clothes You Were About To Retire

Street style photos make us want things we can't, or simply don't currently, have. The subjects dripping in Chanel and Vetements kind of have us wishing we'd skipped every Zara trip and saved our money for designer duds. But before we get down in the dumps about those luxury wares that were probably gifted or borrowed in the first place, let's remember the real reason we love looking at these outfits in the wild: The styling ideas we get from them can give new life to pieces we were about to retire and donate to the op shop.
From new ways to wear a plaid, fringed scarf to repurposing a damaged sweater, the street style pics ahead got us thinking about how to spice up our everyday dressing. These are the kind of tips only fashion people would even think of in the first place, and now they're yours for the taking.
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