13 Winter Haircut Trends To Inspire Your Next Salon Appointment

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When it comes to fresh haircut ideas, 2024 certainly hasn’t left us wanting. We’ve seen the “Nirvana” cut (a shaggy bob with influence from Kurt Cobain’s mussed-up ’90s crop), the textured pixie (a pixie cut with a sprinkling of short layers) and the classic lob (a long bob that skims the shoulders), to name a few. But if you’re after something different ahead of the fast-approaching warm season, look no further.
Behind the scenes, London’s top hairstylists have been busy dreaming up the haircut trends that are going to dominate winter, and whether you’re keen to shed a few inches or want to keep it subtle, there’s something for everyone. 
Read ahead for 13 of their winter haircut predictions, including layers, bobs, longer length styles and beyond.

Hourglass Layers

Tom Smith, affectionately dubbed the “hairvoyant” for his ability to predict the hair trends we’ll all be asking for eventually, says that hourglass layers are going to reign supreme this winter. Smith’s iteration of the trend consists of a handful of layers throughout long hair, with the longest of those layers resting at the narrowest part of the waist. But stylists like Ryenne Snow are taking the trend a little less literally and using artistic licence to incorporate hourglass silhouettes into the actual cut itself.
This particular style boasts layers that curve inwards perched atop layers that flick outwards, much like the shape of an hourglass. To keep long hair as healthy as possible, Smith recommends incorporating a bond builder into your weekly hair regimen (try Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3, $54) and applying a few drops of serum or your preferred oil to the ends of your hair every night before bed. R29 rates TRESemme Lamellar Shine Oil, $20, and L’Oréal Elvive Glycolic Gloss Leave-In Serum, $30.

The “Mob” Bob

The mob wife makeup trend might’ve fizzled out pretty quickly, but we haven’t yet had our fill of its bouncy hair aesthetic, and the “mob” bob is here to stay, says Stephen Buller, cofounder of Buller and Rice. “A nod to the power bobs of mob wives, this cut is thick and punchy,” says Buller. “It’s a style that’s been power blowdried and maybe even had a couple of rollers in it for maximum effect. It works better with blunt ends, but has soft, non-aggressive layering throughout, and the finished result is hair that appears healthy.” A cut like this sits best between the chin and collar bone, says Buller, like this style on Amelia Taylor.

The “Trixie”

Cos Sakkas, two-time British Hairdresser of the Year and TONI&GUY global creative director, touts the “trixie” as the next big short crop. It’s essentially a pixie, which is cut using TONI&GUY’s signature “transient” technique, involving “point cutting” — snipping into the ends of the hair diagonally to enhance texture and fluidity. We love this short crop cut by hairstylist Paula. The key is to choose a stylist who understands your hair texture.
If your hair is on the wavy side, Sakkas recommends spritzing a wax like Label.M Fashion Edition Wax Spray, $48, through wet hair once you’ve stepped out of the shower, then letting your hair dry naturally. “It’s much better for your hair than heated tools,” says Sakkas.

Deep Side Partings

Side partings are edging further and further along, says Smith, who pinpoints actor Lupita Nyong’o as the current inspiration. “For winter, side partings are super flipped over — from the outside edge of the head — and can be worn on almost any length of hair,” says Smith. We especially love this curly side flip on model Stephanie Bridét. Smith’s top tip? Carve out the parting while your hair is wet to set it in shape and once dry, dust a styling powder into the root to keep it in place. Try got2b Hair Volume Styling Powder POWDER’ful, $9. Buller support’s Smith’s prediction: “[Side parts] offer volume, softness and lend a face-framing effect, all without the dedication of a fringe,” he says. 

The Soft Textured Mullet

Brixton Cowie, creative director at the Neil Moodie Studio, pinpoints the soft textured mullet as the next big choppy style. “It's a versatile look that most people can wear considering that it works well on textured and straight hair — with minimal styling,” says Cowie. “It can be cut in a way where it’s as subtle or extravagant as you want.” If you’re not ready to go short, consider a longer length cut like this one on model Kate Brock. “Styling on straight hair requires blasting sea salt spray into damp hair and finishing with a light paste for a messy textured look,” says Cowie. “For curly hair, apply curl cream or leave-in conditioner and diffuse or air-dry.”

The Bell Bottom Bob

The bell bottom bob haircut takes cue from the dramatic flare on bell bottom jeans, says Smith, and it’s pretty much all in the styling. Simply ask your hairdresser for a blunt, chin-length bob. The rest can be achieved by using a round brush and a hairdryer to flick the ends outwards when damp, or a pair of straighteners, like ghd Chronos, $404, when hair is dry. “For a softer look, try a side parting with less precise flicks and tuck one side behind your ear,” advises Smith. It also works with a fringe, like this look on Anok Yai. If you’re using heat, consider a heat protector spray like Redken Quick Blowout Accelerated Blowdry Spray, $40

The Sculpted Fringe

If you like the idea of a fringe but don’t want to go through the awkward growing-out stage, consider a long side fringe that can be tucked behind the ear or blow-dried to achieve this retro, sculpted style as seen on Bella Sabo. “Following on from the popularity of side partings, this deep side fringe is set in place, meaning it can be achieved without necessarily cutting your hair short,” says Smith. “It frames the face beautifully.” 

The “Supers” Cut

Named such thanks to the countless ’90s models that used to rock something similar (think Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista), this cut is simple in theory: a blend of face-framing layers create soft movement through the mid-lengths and ends, says TONI&GUY’s Sakkas — but it’s certainly bold in impact. To elevate it, ask your stylist for chunky curtain bangs, like this cut by Olivia Wilson. Consider a hot brush for styling, such as Bondi Boost Blowout Brush 51mm, $100, or Shark SmoothStyle Hot Brush & Smoothing Comb, $130

The Pixie Bob

If you’re sold on the idea of a bob but not the inevitability of regular trims, consider this; it’s somewhere between an outgrown pixie and a layered bob, says Buller. “This is all about texture with lots of soft layering and soft edges. It has wisps and licks at every angle — a natural, carefree and touchable style.” The inspiration is undoubtedly ’90s. Think Winona Ryder and Natalie Portman, says Buller. He adds, “This type of style can be manipulated to bring out everyone’s best features, so don’t shy away from it. By adjusting the length and working with the right fringe for your face shape, your chosen stylist can personalise it to you.” This cut by New York hairstylist Kiyotaka Tsutsumi is perfect. 


Instead of obvious face-framing or feathering, these layers are just a few inches shorter than your hair length and blend seamlessly into the rest of the hair. They’re virtually inconspicuous but add lots of volume and bounce, like this cut by Danae Kirk-Ayton. Your stylist will know them as invisible layers: “Invisible layering works on most hair types, though on curly hair, you have to be careful of the shrinkage in length, so less is more,” says Neil Moodie founder of the Neil Moodie Studio. “To style, apply a curl product and diffuse upside down,” adds Moodie. “If your hair is straighter, I’d suggest a light mousse at the roots and air-drying. If your hair needs a little smoothing, then use a large round bristle brush alongside a hairdryer. Add some texture spray at the roots for a little more volume.”

The Deconstructed Bob

The deconstructed bob takes inspiration from the timeless choppy bob, but without as much layering. Instead, it’s just the ends which have been chopped into to enhance texture and movement, says Valentina Ingrosso, creative director at the Neil Moodie Studio. “This also looks amazing with a piece-y, separated fringe,” says Ingrosso.
She recommends one particular product to achieve that mussed-up texture: L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Pli Shaper, $32.50. Ingrosso recommends applying onto wet hair and gently rough drying it upside down with medium heat. “If your hair is wavy, I recommend using a diffuser to bring out those natural waves,” says Ingrosso. “Once your hair is dry, finish with a texturing spray on the roots and mid lengths.” Ingrosso likes Sam McKnight Cool Girl Barely There Texture Mist, $52.

The Shoulder-Skimming Bob

“The shoulder-skimming bob is the perfect length as it’s long enough to be tied back,” says Stéphane Ferreira, senior colourist and operations manager at Live True London. Stylists know it as the lob (long bob). This cut on Emmanuelle Koffi, complete with curtain bangs and subtle layering throughout the mid-lengths, proves that it doesn’t have to be blunt. 

’60s Layers

“At Live True, we’re seeing a lot of bouncy, longer layered looks, which is a great way to show off your colour and add movement to the hair,” says Ferreira, who suggests looking to the ’60s — think Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree — for inspiration. Unlike heavy ’90s layers, which flick outwards, ’60s layers tend to curve inwards slightly. This cut on Joanna Fleming is proof that the technique is timeless. 
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