The Scandi Hairline Is Here To Stay In 2024 & No, It’s Not Just For Blondes

If you’ve ever looked at someone on TikTok and wondered how their hair looks so shiny and youthful, the Scandi hairline may be the reason.
Characterised by bright baby hairs around the hairline, the Scandi hairline trend rises in popularity each summer thanks to its ability to lend a sun-kissed glow to all hair types. 
“The Scandi hairline is where only the baby hairs that travel around the front hairline are lightened just a few shades,” Monique McMahon, an international colour educator and the founder of Que salon in Sydney, tells Refinery29 Australia. Like many hair colour trends, it puts a name to a colouring technique that’s been a favourite in hair salons for years, and with 142.3 million video views on TikTok (and climbing), it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 
The Scandi hairline is an add-on service that’s well-suited to anyone who already gets highlights (or wants to) and it’s a surprisingly low-maintenance way to add some va-va-voom to your existing colour routine. Ahead, we break down the Scandi hairline trend that’s been popping off on TikTok this summer, and explain exactly who it’s for (and who it isn’t). 

What Is The Scandi Hairline?

The goal of the Scandi hairline is to make the hair around your face look naturally lightened, giving your hair an overall lighter, glowy effect. “As if you spent all summer in the sun and have naturally bleached brighter hairs around the face,” says McMahon. 
McMahon explains that, in the salon, the term ‘Scandi hairline’ refers to the application technique of the colour, rather than the specific outcome of the service, as the result depends on the individual’s base hair colour and desired level of brightness. “The Scandi hairline is an add-on service and is usually applied at the basin once all foils or colour have been rinsed off,” she says. “At the basin, we section out a very tiny number of the baby hairs and comb them forward before applying the colour onto this area. Once applied to only the baby hairs, the colour will stay on from anywhere between three and five minutes [before it’s rinsed].”

Who Is The Scandi Hairline Best Suited To?

Though you may immediately assume that the Scandi hairline only works for blonde and straight hair, it’s actually well-suited for all hair types. “This is why I love to say it refers to the technique and application, and not just the idea of a bright blonde,” says McMahon, who adds that it looks equally impactful on brunettes and curly hair types (though she does caution against trying a Scandi hairline if you have dark red or copper hair). “This technique is only recommended when you have had a full head of foils or part foil service to back up the result, ensuring the colour looks naturally enhanced.” 
For brunettes hoping to embrace the trend, McMahon does have some tips. “Make sure your stylist is using the correct colour on your hairline, to enhance the new colour just been done,” she says. “For example, in the below video, we used a highlight tint to only shift the hairline half a shade lighter, and no more. This ensured a beige brunette result with no excess warmth — and no toner needed.” 
In short: if you have baby hairs, then you can also opt for a Scandi hairline.

Is The Scandi Hairline High Maintenance?

Though the colour is applied to baby hairs up to the scalp, the Scandi hairline is surprisingly low maintenance. “It was a massive shock to us all how well this technique grew out,” admits McMahon, adding that you shouldn’t even notice it growing out when applied correctly. “I’d recommend doing it every second colour if you’re colouring between six and eight weeks — not every colour.” 
McMahon explains that the Scandi hairline will only have the desired effect when paired with a fresh colour, so unfortunately, it isn’t an affordable way to stretch the time between your overall colour sessions. (I personally book in for a few face-framing foils if I’m looking to brighten up the hair around my face if I don’t feel ready to commit to a longer session.)

What Should I Ask For In The Salon?

Before showing up at your next colour session and asking for a Scandi hairline, it’s always a good idea to call ahead, as not every colourist will be familiar with the technique. “I would get in contact with the salon prior and email some reference images or links (the videos above are a good example), and ask if the stylists in the team are trained and able to provide that service and result comfortably.” Hopefully, that will mean when you do arrive for your appointment, both you and the stylist will avoid any awkwardness. 
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