The 14 Types Of Crushes, Explained

In a world full of bad news, crushes can fuel us. Butterflies in our stomachs, electrifying rushes from brief interactions and nerves that make us feel alive: the thrill of having a crush can add a lot to the mundanity of our lives.
Not to be confused with having more serious feelings for someone, crushes can come in all forms. But while some of us are hopeless romantics that are prone to developing crushes on everyone we meet (yes, you, dear water signs) no one is immune to the potential of a budding romance. By going through our own histories in an excruciating process of self-reflection, we've filtered the list down to fourteen kinds of crushes that you might have had (or will have).
Ahead, our guide to the different types of crushes and our advice for making sure they're fun, not foolish.

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