Tell Us Your TikTok Aesthetic And We’ll Tell You Your Next Reading List Addition

Designed by Anna Jay.
For so-called geriatric millennials and even for some zillennials, TikTok’s ever-growing list of 'cores' can be a tad overwhelming. While you might have caught on to cottagecore pretty fast, the number of emerging aesthetics on TikTok multiplies by the day. The good news is that each new trend gives users a better chance of finding their own little corner of content to enjoy. But while so many cores relate to fashion and makeup trends, the groups also suggest lifestyle based things too, including what to read.
Crossing over with the BookTok space, there are plenty of users who mix their outward aesthetic with their literary likes. Whether it's TikTokers recommending the best reads for the angel core crew or the top novels for e-girls, there are plenty of people taking their signature subcultures into the literary world.
From romantic tales set in the countryside to thrillers set in the future, take a look through the slideshow ahead to discover the perfect book to match your newfound aesthetic.
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