Strawberry Girl Makeup Isn’t Going Anywhere — Here’s How To Try The Trend

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From latte makeup to vanilla chrome nails, TikTok beauty trends have never been...tastier? And one of the most red-hot beauty trends sweeping your FWP is none other than "strawberry girl makeup," which wasn't really a thing — until it was.
Made popular by one Hailey Bieber, strawberry girl makeup is characterized by fresh, sun-kissed skin, Bambi-like lashes, and a pop of berry-pink blush. The trend is similar to the tomato girl summer aesthetic but with a sweeter, Strawberry Shortcake-inspired twist. It's no-makeup makeup but with flushed cheeks that look as if you've come back from a beach day (or, perhaps, picking strawberries).
Even though summer days are a-ticking, strawberry girl makeup shows no signs of slowing down. (Maybe she'll even give way to cranberry girl fall? Who knows at this point!) If you have yet to give the trend a try, it's not too late to change that. Below, a breakdown of the core elements to nail the look yourself.


Creating healthy, gleaming skin with a pop of pink blush is the key to nailing strawberry girl makeup. Wear your favourite tinted moisturiser and apply a dewy blush or cheek stain to build a natural flush. (Last step: a smattering of faux freckles for extra-cute vibes.)


A sheer, hydrated lip with a barely there kiss of colour is another core element of strawberry girl makeup. Opt for a tinted gloss stick like this editor favourite from Kylie Cosmetics, or indulge in a luxe balm with a natural, glossy finish like Chanel's Rouge Coco Baume.


Full, fluffy brows (think laminated) and equally feathery lashes are the cherry (strawberry?) on top of this look. I love Anastasia Beverley Hills' lengthening mascara for naturally volumised yet defined lashes, coupled with a sheer wash of shimmery bronze on lids for a sun-kissed look.
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