TikTok’s Viral Latte Makeup Is The New Neutral Trend That Works On Everyone

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If you've been on TikTok lately, you've probably noticed the latest obsession with a particularly bronzed makeup look. The look in question is called #lattemakeup, and it's managed to amass over 20.6 million views on the app.
@stxph.h one oat latte with caramel drizzle to go please ☕️ #lattemakeup #lattemakeuplook #makeuptutorial Products: - YSL Crush Liner (brown & black) - Too Faced Ginger Snap Palette - MAC amber times nine palette - Chanel Beauty Baume Essential Multi Use Stick (transparent) - Lancome Lash Idole Mascara #greenscreen ♬ original sound - stephhui
While TikTok trends like the vanilla girl aesthetic have come under fire for their exclusivity and lack of diversity, latte makeup is refreshingly accessible to all. From its wearable neutral palette that works on a myriad of skin tones to the reassuring energy of the trend's creator Rachel Rigler insisting at multiple points throughout her latte makeup tutorial that "it doesn't have to be perfect", latte makeup feels like a TikTok beauty trend that embraces everyone.
Since Rigler's original TikTok video, we've seen a wave of content creators take to the app to share their variations of the coffee-inspired makeup look, adapting the tutorial with makeup products they already have in their kits to customise the aesthetic to flatter their own skin tone and features.

What is 'latte makeup'?

Coined by TikToker Rachel Rigler, the makeup look consists of sun-kissed neutral tones described as "warm and bronzey, milky and effortless". "There is no blush, no colour in latte makeup, just bronzer," she explains in her TikTok tutorial that breaks down the whole look.

How to get the 'latte makeup' look

To create the look, Rigler recommends opting for a small amount of tinted moisturiser that offers minimal coverage. She also suggests avoiding the nose and centre of the face when applying your base makeup because it gives the illusion that you're not wearing as much makeup as you actually are — a sentiment we've heard many times from established makeup artists such as Violette and Katie Jane Hughes.
Next, she buffs a small amount of the same tinted moisturiser under the brow bone to prep her lids for eye makeup and neutralise any discolouration. Then a brown liquid eyeshadow is applied to the lids and she diffuses this with a fluffy brush all the way up to her brow bone, followed by a slightly warmer shade of brown powder eyeshadow to set everything. She finishes the eyes off with a subtle pop of shimmer on her top lid near her inner corner, making sure not to drop any glitter onto her lower lash line.
After polishing off her eye makeup, Rigler applies stripes of a warm shade of cream bronzer to the tops of her cheekbones, along her temples and hairline, and a vertical line from the bottom of her ear to her jaw. The trick here is to blend, blend, blend to avoid harsh lines. Rigler uses a beauty blender to do this, but if you prefer to use a brush or your fingers, that works too.
Rigler follows up with a touch of concealer in a shade that's close to her skin tone, and recommends steering clear of anything that's "too light for your skin tone" for a more natural finish. She applies a swipe of product to the centre of her forehead, in the inner corner and outer corner of her under eyes, around the nose, and a small dot in the centre of her chin. She blends it all in by pressing the product into her skin with a damp beauty sponge.
Then she sets all the areas she applied concealer to with a light dusting of translucent powder , and sets her cream bronzer with a layer of powder bronzer and dusts a wee bit over the bridge of her nose too for good measure.
Rigler then goes back to her eyes to apply a generous amount of matte brown eyeshadow to the outer two-thirds of her lower lash line. She uses a cream eyeshadow stick, but insists that "you can just use eyeshadow" if that's all you have at home. "Don't be afraid to blend this down a little bit, I promise you it's going to look great," she says as she diffuses it with a pencil smudger eyeshadow brush. Then she dabs an angled brush in a dark brown eyeshadow and applies it to her upper lash line, and lines her waterline with brown eyeliner to further define her eyes. To finish off the eye makeup, she takes some powder bronzer on a fluffy brush and swipes it from the outer corner of her eyes, upwards to her temples, and one coat of mascara – "that's enough".
Before getting into her lip routine, Rigler admits that "the lips are a little weird, but bear with me". First, she neutralises any pink or red tones in her lips by applying any excess makeup that's on her beauty blender to her lips. "And that my friends, is how you do latte makeup," she announces after she lines her lips with a nude liner and applies a clear gloss.
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