Fresh From The Vine: Breaking Down TikTok’s Viral ‘Tomato Girl’ Trend

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I've never had the foresight to plan and save for something as lavish as a European getaway. I've always settled for domestic travel and mini breaks spent in tiny Airbnbs with my nearest and dearest. And although I'll cherish those moments and memories forever, I can't keep ignoring the fact that I have major FOMO.
Maybe it's the social circles I frequent, but any attempt to make small talk in winter inevitably steers into conversations about where one is vacationing.
It's not just the casual chitter-chatter exchanged at social gatherings, but the endless stream of aspirational content flooding my social feeds. So much so, that the wanderlusty, European summer aesthetic has spawned a new trend that's so wholesome and sun-soaked that it has TikTok, Pinterest, and me, in a chokehold.
Allow me to introduce to you, the 'Tomato Girl' aesthetic.
From the clothes she populates her wardrobe with, to the blush she's using for a natural summertime glow, we've broken down the 'Tomato Girl' aesthetic into a palatable explainer. So regardless of whether you make it to Italy or not this year, you'll be able to dress the part wherever you are.

What Is The 'Tomato Girl' Aesthetic?

The 'Tomato Girl' aesthetic is all about channelling the perfect Euro vacation with chic sartorial choices that feel effortless and exude carefree Mediterranean holiday vibes.
"[A 'Tomato Girl' wears] reds, reminiscent of sun-ripened tomatoes from the local market and the colour of the sun," explains Nicole Adolphe, Head of Style at The ICONIC. "White ruffle dresses, gingham patterns in baby blues, delicate florals or fruit prints, comfortable linen sets, triangle headscarves and chic woven basket bags," are also common aesthetic choices.
"Tomato Girls prioritise dips in the ocean over maintaining a blowout," muses Sophie Howe, The ICONIC's beauty expert. "She wears a light [makeup] base using [skin] tints and cream formulas you can apply with your fingers," she continues. "Whether she’s heading to the local markets for fresh vine-ripened tomatoes or aperitivo hour for an Aperol spritz, the look is always sunkissed and undone."

What Does A 'Tomato Girl' Outfit Look Like?

Adolphe admits it's definitely easier to style ‘Tomato Girl’ 'fits during summer. With "vintage floral prints, cute ruffle tops with tie-up fronts, sweetheart necklines, and linen dresses" that reflect the quintessential Mediterranean summer aesthetic being in abundance in the warmer months. "Complete your look with sunglasses, a headscarf, a pair of espadrilles and a woven bag," she adds.
"If you’re stuck in winter and not planning on travelling anytime soon, the trick would be to layer," says Adolphe, adding that with a carefully selected coat or cardigan styled over a lighter linen dress, or knitwear over a frilly or floaty skirt will offer balance.
When you're styling a 'Tomato Girl' outfit, the fabrics and the structure (or lack thereof) of the pieces you select matter, so embrace linen pieces, girly floral prints and corset tops in satins, whites, and reds. "Seek out vintage-looking prints like gingham or your grandma's floral tablecloth," says Adolphe, but steer clear of anything that looks too modern or structured, like a blazer or trench coat.

What Does 'Tomato Girl' Hair & Makeup Look Like?

"'Tomato Girl' beauty is easy, breezy and barely there," says Howe. "Keep things simple with multitasking products that can be applied in seconds, with or without a mirror; a concealer for light coverage (only where needed), a lip and cheek stain for a pop of colour, clear lash and brow gel, a bronzer and a scrunchie to tie wet hair back post-swim."
When it comes to hair, that means encouraging texture. "[Lightly] spritz your strands with a volumising hair mist to add shine and texture, then let your locks air dry," she advises. "Alternatively, [you can] tie your hair back in a loose low bun with a chic scrunchie."
"Keep makeup simple," implores Howe. "A touch of concealer, a just-bitten stain on lips and cheeks, curled lashes, plus a swipe of clear mascara on lashes and brows" should do the trick.
As for the evenings? Try experimenting with bright lip colours, for example, with a buttery lipstick in true tomato red.
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