10 Red Lipsticks Our Editors Are Obsessed With

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As much as we love nude lipstick, sometimes we want a lip colour that pops — especially through the colder months, when accessorising is best done on the face. (What's a statement coat without a bold lip?) But even though we're constantly searching for ways to experiment with different shades and textures, red lipstick is one product that will never steer you wrong.
The good news: There are tons of red lip options on the market. The bad news: There are tons of red lip options on the market. When looking for the right one, you have to take into account formula, colour and your skin tone. So, we asked a few Refinery29 staffers to share their go-to reds. We're talking about the ones that have lasted through long nights, gotten them compliments, and impressed them enough to become a permanent part of their makeup collections. Ahead, the red lip colours that have our hearts... for now.
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