How Friendships Change After Having A Kid

Having a child changes your life in major ways. That’s obvious. But one thing you might not expect — or be totally prepared for — is how having a kid will influence your friendships, especially with those pals who may not be in the same life stage. After all, your mind is focused on things like diapers, strollers, and the tiny, wonderful creature you are desperately trying to keep alive. Meanwhile, your friends still have time to binge-watch an entire season of Love Is Blind in one sitting or meet up for bottomless brunch. There's no turning point in a woman's life quite like motherhood.
Which is why we tapped experts James Kicinski-McCoy and Katie Hintz-Zambrano from Mother Mag, an online destination for the modern mum, for advice on how to deal with post-baby life changes. Ahead, 10 things you might not have realised about friendships after childbirth — until now.
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