Raindrop Nails Is The Cute Trend In Response To The Miserable Weather

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From the modern French manicure to mermaid nails, 2023 isn't exactly short of manicure trends to try. But that hasn't stopped Instagram's biggest nail artists from dreaming up the cutest (and most apt) nail art of the season.
Enter: raindrop nails.

What is the raindrop nail art trend?

With the weather as miserable as it has been, raindrop nails make sense – take something gloomy and make it cool. Unlike painted nail art or gems, both of which can be very fiddly, even with the right tools, raindrop nails are pretty simple.
They are supposed to look like tiny droplets of water balanced atop the nail (much like when you're washing your hands and water clings to your nail polish). The best part is that you only really need two extra things to achieve the effect: a dotting tool and a gel or gel-inspired top coat.

How to achieve raindrop nails at home:

1) To protect your nails from stains as a result of polish, apply a layer of base coat.
2) Once touch dry, choose a nail shade and apply two coats for maximum colour payoff. The great thing about raindrop nails is that because each droplet is clear, it works on any hue, particularly blue or stormy grey to complement the droplets. With nude nails trending, you can also try an understated fleshy pink, clear droplets work equally as well on bare nails dressed in a layer of clear topcoat for a minimal look and feel.
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3) To seal in your colour and to prevent chips, apply a layer of topcoat, like Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, $10.95, a favourite among beauty editors and nail artists for imparting a long-lasting, ultra-glossy finish.
4) For the raindrops, you'll need a metal dotting tool. You could also use a toothpick, but it's a good idea to snip off the sharp end to maximise the surface area, which will help you achieve the droplets easily.
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5) The droplets will look a tad more professional if you use a clear gel top coat, but you'll need an additional at-home UV lamp to cure the polish, so that it dries properly.
Make sure your dotting tool or toothpick is saturated in gel polish before letting it drop very gently onto the nail. It's up to you how many droplets you create, but it looks cool (and more realistic) to vary in size.
If you're using a regular top coat, look for something with a gel-inspired finish, such as Rimmel Super Gel Nail Polish To Coat, $6.99, or essie Gel Couture Top Coat, $10.79. Be sure to let the droplets dry completely, otherwise they could smudge easily.
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