“Everyone Needs To Watch Out” — MKR Gatecrashers Aaron & Chris’ Tactic To Throw Off The Other Teams

The My Kitchen Rules 2023 'Gatecrashers' have only been in the competition for two days and they're already ruffling some feathers.
On Tuesday night, original team Claudean and Anthony hosted their second Instant Restaurant, hoping to wow the judges and their fellow contestants and get a shot at redemption.
For the most part, they succeeded. They impressed the table with their zucchini flower entree and rabbit main, with judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge awarding them nine points each for the entree.
However, there was one team at the table that wasn't as impressed.
Gatecrashers Aaron and Chris, aka The BBQ Brothers, were critical of Claudean and Anthony's menu and the other 'redemption' teams straight off the bat.
“I’m expecting one or two disasters tonight,” Chris said. “We are talking about a redemption team. Like, how many cracks at the cherry do you need?”
“Sounds a bit basic, let’s hope it’s better than last time," he added after looking at the husband and wife duo's menu.
Their harsh comments raised eyebrows amongst the other teams.
“Everyone needs to watch out — especially Chris, after what he just said,” Christian said.
“There’s definitely a lot of testosterone across the table. Dumb, it’s so dumb," added fellow 'Gatecrasher' Brijita.
The comments only continued once the entree was served.
“I don’t necessarily think it was a threatening start,” Chris said of the entree. “We want to be impressed, and if someone doesn’t impress us with a dish, well they’re going to hear about it.”
Chris also said he found the rabbit main 'underwhelming'.
“I just felt it was all a little underwhelming,” he said. “The ratio of mash is probably a little bit more on the plate — but slightly underwhelming in terms of flavour.”
His teammate Aaron called the dish 'chalky' and said that the sauce "lacks a bit of flavour".
Their comments were so out of step with what the rest of the teams thought that fellow contestant Christian wondered whether it was a tactic to throw off the other teams.
“I think Aaron and Chris are very, very critical of what was a very, very good dish,” Christian said.
“Is this a tactic? Are they trying to throw everyone off?”
Then came the scores.
While the rest of the teams scored Claudean and Anthony six or seven for their second Instant Restaurant, Aaron and Chris gave them a measly four.
This meant that the husband and wife team only scored a total of 29 from their competitors, a result which made Claudean also wonder whether there was some game-playing going on.
“I think the guest teams’ score of 29 was low,” Claudean said. “I think that we have been scored harshly.”
The second round of Instant Restaurants on MKR continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.
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