Meet The ‘Gatecrashers’ Who Are About To Enter My Kitchen Rules

We're two weeks into My Kitchen Rules 2023 and judges Manu Feildel and Colin Fassnidge are about to add a bit of fuel to the fire.
Next week, three new contestant teams will enter the competition to go head to head with the bottom three original teams.
At the end of the first round of instant restaurants, twin sisters Radha and Prabha have been fast tracked to the semi-finals after scoring the top position on the leaderboard.
Tommy and Rach, who came in second, have also been fast tracked to the quarter-finals. And sadly, Coco and Pearls left the competition after receiving the lowest score overall.
And the remaining three original teams — Sonia and Marcus, Nick and Christian, and Claudean and Anthony — will go up against the 'Gatecrashers' in a second round of instant restaurants, before all teams head to the MKR Kitchen HQ.
Here's everything you need to know about the MKR 'Gatecrashers':

Aaron & Chris — BBQ Champions

NSW and South Australian friends Aaron and Chris met on Instagram and formed a friendship over their mutual love of BBQs.
The friends have since teamed up and entered and won BBQ competitions (who knew there was such a thing!) all around Australia.
Aaron runs the biggest BBQ YouTube channel in the country and left his 9 to 5 to be the primary carer for his twins, who were born prematurely at 24 weeks. He decided to enter MKR to make his sons proud.
Chris is a self-taught cook who wants to win the title of MKR champion.

Amber and Mel — Childhood Friends

Amber and Mel have been best friends since they were children and are now proud 'dance mums'.
Amber loves to tell it as it is, while Mel is the more diplomatic of the pair.
Mel married into a Lebanese family and hopes to infuse some of her in-laws' recipes into her MKR instant restaurant.
Both the friends learnt to cook from their families and then pursued their passion for home cooking as they grew up.
Mel hopes to explore her passion for food on the show and Amber is excited to come along for the ride.

Patricija and Brigita — Sisters

Lithuanian sisters Patricija and Brigita couldn't be more different.
Patricija is a criminal defence lawyer, with a self-proclaimed 'resting bitch face' and Brigita likes to go with the flow.
Patricija is a big time MKR fan but a fussy eater, you won't see seafood or lamb on her plate. Brigita, on the other hand, is more adventurous with her culinary tastes.
The sisters came on the show to spend more time with each other and 'put Lithuania on the map'.
You can watch the three 'Gatecrasher' teams enter the MKR Instant Restaurants on Monday at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.
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