Everything We Know About The MasterChef Australia 2024 Finale

After months of pressure tests, Mystery Boxes and eliminations, we're on the final leg of the MasterChef Australia 2024 season. This year, we've watched on as budding home cooks competed and outcooked each other, all in the pursuit of being named MasterChef.
With the season kicking off with 21 amateur cooks, the numbers have slowly been whittled down. We're now on the home stretch, with the remaining contestants vying to fight for their place in the MasterChef Australia Grand Finale.
Finally, we have concrete details on the MasterChef Australia finale for 2024. Ahead, everything we know about the finale, including the air date, the prize and who's the most likely to take home the W.

When Is The MasterChef Australia Finale?

Network Ten have just confirmed the finale date for the MasterChef Australia 2024 season. Finale week will kick off on Sunday, July 7 2024. Over the week, the top five contestants will battle it out for the title of the winner of MasterChef Australia 2024.
Sunday night's episode will see an elimination challenge with contestants cooking off with some of the world's "wildest and most extreme ingredients", with contestants choosing one ingredient to "tame".
On Monday night's episode, the top four will undertake their final mystery box of the season, with the winner securing their place in the MasterChef Australia semi-final.
Then, in the final challenge of the week on Tuesday, fish king Josh Niland will set a three-hour pressure test — a challenge which will decide the top three who will compete in the grand finale.
As for the grand finale? We can expect that it will hit our screens on Sunday, July 14 2024.

Who's In The MasterChef Australia Finale?

While we're still in the final stretch of this season, we have some predictions for who will be cooking it out in the MasterChef Australia Grand Finale.
Most predictions have a clear winner in mind — Nat Thaipun. The heavily tatted Thai-Australian adrenaline junkie has been a frontrunner all season, and Sportsbet punters have her down as the person to win at 1.33. It's not entirely surprising, given that Thaipun has absolutely smashed all competition!
Trailing behind her by a comparative mile is Harry Butterfield at 7.00. The 29-year-old has solidified himself as a seafood master this season and is definitely one to watch.
Following Butterfield is Josh Perry at 10.00 and Mimi Wong at 11.00, who has really burst onto the scene following her emotional week in Hong Kong.
While of course these aren't confirmations of who we'll see in the final cook, they're likely a pretty good indicator of what we might see unfold during the night, with the final contestants cooking it out for judges Sofia Levin, Poh Ling Yeow, Andy Allen and Jean Christophe.

What's The Prize?

The winner of MasterChef Australia 2024 will take home a hefty prize: a whopping $250,000. That's enough to change your life (and to set up a nice little restaurant!).

How Does The Finale Work?

While we don't have confirmation for the approach to the finale in 2024, we can guess that it will be similar to previous years.
Last year, the finale came down to two final contestants who went head to head in two rounds of intense cooking. Often, this can involve either a mystery box, a secret challenge, cooking with a special ingredient, or recreating a famous chef's signature dish (we're still traumatised by the croquembouche episode!).
Of course, friends and family will take their place on the gantry to watch their loved ones cook up a storm.

Who Is The Celebrity Guest?

Often, MasterChef Australia will have a celebrity guest judge join them for the finale, who will set the ultimate final challenge. We haven't gotten word of who will be taking the reins this season, but once we know, we'll likely be able to predict some part of what goes down in the finale. Stay tuned!
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