I Only Wear Joyful Prints & These Are My Favourite Aussie-Made Labels

I’m just going to say this straight up: I love loud. The bolder and brighter the clothing, the more comfortable I feel wearing it. And the odd thing is, from my experience, these outrageous outfits tend to break the ice and result in complete strangers coming up to you to enthusiastically ask where you got it.
I get a certain amount of joy in replying, “Thanks, it’s Australian-made!” and then whipping out my phone to share the Instagram details of the brand.
It’s not always easy to narrow down which Australian brands are actually Australian-made — buzzwords like “ethically made” get thrown around but can really translate to “someone somewhere offshore made it and we haven’t actually seen the factory for ourselves”.
So I'm happy to share the joy with a few of my favourite loud Aussie labels that are clearly and proudly Australian-made. They're all brands that I have shopped with myself and would happily hand over my hard-earned cash again. Enjoy!

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