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Flex Factory’s Grace Taotua On Motivation, Money & Critical Thinking

Small talk has its place. But after the last two years, we're ready for real conversations. That's why we caught up with Grace Taotua, a businesswoman, podcaster and director at online retail store and production company Flex Factory, to discuss what inspires her.
Grace co-founded Flex Factory with Lillian Ahenkan (who you probably know as Flex Mami). The pair created the company to normalise open and honest conversations around everything from relationships to careers, and their colourful products have dominated our IG feeds over the last few years.
In this episode of Little Victories — our series made to celebrate the wins of our favourite Aussie creatives, no matter how big or small — Grace shares what motivates her, how she works with Flex, and her newfound love of tennis.
"I'm really motivated to build capital in order to create a life for me and my family," says Grace, sharing what motivates her. "It is honestly a privilege to do some of the things that we do day-to-day."
Watch Grace's full story below:

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