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Spiritual Healer Allira Potter On Harnessing Manifestation To Kick Goals

We're all manifesting great things for 2022 (we don't really need to say why). So, in the second instalment of our Little Victories series, we enlisted the help of someone who's the best in the biz at ringing in positivity — Allira Potter, a spiritual and mindset coach who coaches her clients to bring abundance and joy into their lives.
A proud Yorta Yorta woman, Allira's work is focused on ensuring diverse representation and decolonisation of the wellness space. Her work is inspired by other First Nations creatives who are breaking intergenerational trauma to create a better future for their community. 
In this episode, Allira explains how her experiences throughout life continue to inform her work, and why she's celebrating the achievements in her clients' lives right now.
Sit with us to hear how Allira has helped “so many people manifest all this abundance,” and find out what she’s most proud of achieving this year. 
Watch Allira's full story below:

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