What To Manifest During The Lion’s Gate Portal To Make Your Dreams Come True

Photographed by Megan Madden.
August 8 is the best day of 2022 to manifest your dreams. An ancient, mystical portal will be unlocked in the universe that will help our intentions take flight: the Lion’s Gate portal, a magical force that fills up the sky from July 28 to August 12, but is thought to reach its peak on August 8. 
You may be asking yourself, “What is the Lion’s Gate portal?” It marks the time that the star Sirius — the brightest blue star in the sky, which is known as the “Spiritual Sun” and has a long history of astronomical significance among groups including ancient Egyptians and the Dogon tribe of Africa — rises and becomes visible in the sky. This time of year is also when the sun is in its home in Leo, the sign of the lion. And the date — 8/8 — is a transformative and powerful number in numerology, one that brings change; 88 also represents infinity. This year’s new moon just adds an extra boost of life-changing energy.
All of these events are positive, and today, the Lion’s Gate portal is an occurrence that many astrologers believe can bring abundance and prosperity — and is a perfect time to manifest your dreams. By putting your intention towards something that you want to happen, you can create it. If you believe in the vision, it will come to fruition. 
Even if you’ve never manifested before, with all the magical and sparkly energy behind you, now’s the time to try out the practice. And if you’re not sure where to begin, here’s a guide for what to meditate on to make the most of the Lion’s Gate, based on your zodiac sign.
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