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Deni Todorovic AKA Style By Deni On The Power Of Queer Fashion Expression

We're all conditioned to celebrate the significant milestones in life — birthdays, promotions, anniversaries, the list goes on — and while they're all worth a party, marking the smaller day-to-day wins is equally essential in our eyes — especially after the year we've had.
This is the inspiration behind Refinery29 Australia's three-part series, Little Victories — made to celebrate the wins our favourite creatives have accomplished this year, no matter how big or small.
In the first instalment, we sit down with queer rights activist, podcaster and budding fashion icon Deni Todorovic, aka Style By Deni.
In this episode, Deni discusses the vitality of continual queer education, the wonders of fashion and, of course, what they're most proud of this year.
"As a child, when you're trying to navigate your identity, and you can't say out loud, 'I am queer', the quickest way to do that is to dress in a way that feels authentic to yourself," explains Deni on the importance of expression through fashion for young queer folk.
Watch more of what Deni had to say below:

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