The 369 Manifestation Method Is Going Viral On TikTok. Here’s How To Do It

Photographed by Amanda Picotte.
Manifestation can feel a little... squishy. Whenever I hear someone describe the practice, I find myself thinking, Is that really it? You think about your intention, take some positive action, and — live your dreams? Am I missing something? That's why the 369 manifestation method, which I've seen popping up on my TikTok for you page recently, is so appealing to me. It offers some concrete steps, to make me feel like I'm really manifesting.
"I love how TikTok is putting all of these things in the spotlight," says Sarah Potter, a tarot reader, professional witch, and colour magic practitioner based in New York City. "What I do like about this 369 method is that it breaks manifestation down in an easy structure. It's a practice in repetition."
Here's how it works: First, pick what it is that you want to manifest. A promotion, for example. In the morning shortly after waking up, write down that manifestation three times. In the afternoon, write it down six more times. Finally, at night, write it down nine times. That's it.
It sounds simple, but there's a reasoning behind the spiritual practice. Potter says that the numerology of these numbers is significant. In the practice, the number three directly connects us to the universe or the source, six represents the strength we have within ourselves, and nine helps us to move on from the past and releases any self-doubt we have. Frequency is an important factor in manifestation practices, and tapping into these numbers (divine or not) might just help turn your wishes into reality.
Many people will tell you that the three numbers come from inventor Nikola Tesla (yes, the guy who Elon Musk named the car after), who allegedly called three, six, and nine the "divine numbers". But while sources do say that Tesla was fixated on the number three, there's no concrete evidence that he had anything to do with this manifestation technique.
Another theory about why this method works involves Abraham Hicks, an inspirational speaker and author who's also known as Esther Hicks. "[Their] belief is that 17 seconds of thought is what ignites manifestation," Potter explains. According to that theory, writing down your intentions three, six, or nine times will take at least 17 seconds, helping you tap into a state of true manifestation.
A few strategies can help make the 369 manifestation technique even more powerful. First, while you write, try to believe you already have what you're trying to manifest — allow yourself to envision it as real. "If your mind wanders it's okay," Potter says. "Just bring it back to the centre."
The way you word your written affirmation is important, too. Phrase your statement as though you already have the thing you're manifesting, and add something about how you feel about it. If you're manifesting a promotion, for example, Potter suggests writing: "I'm so satisfied and inspired by this promotion that I have received at work, and it's wonderful to be challenged and to be recognised for all of my hard work. This promotion truly aligns with my highest self."
"I think it's really important to put your desires into writing because it's really clear," Potter says. But if writing isn't your thing, Potter says you can still practise this method by saying your manifestation out loud three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times at night. Even better: Do both.
Some TikTok users have been claiming to see results the next day — but they were manifesting things like a text back from their crush, not a big promotion at work or a move to a new city. And it's important to remember that one aspect of manifesting is pairing your intention with positive action, Potter told Refinery29 in a previous interview. "I don't want to spread the belief that if you sit and think good thoughts all the time, everything you want happens," Potter says. "That's not reality, that's not manifestation." While you manifest your promotion, you should also be asking for feedback and seeking out growth opportunities at work, for instance.
Potter suggests trying out this method for a month, then checking in with yourself. Does what you're trying to manifest still align with your hopes and dreams? What tangible actions have you put behind this statement? "Anything worth having, you have to put work into in all realms," she says. "Don't give up."
Even if you're not a true believer in manifesting, you may find it beneficial to adopt a goal-setting ritual like this. At the very least, sitting down to focus on your desires could help clarify your values and goals, which is a good thing. And the results may surprise you.
"People really need that reminder that you truly should have whatever you desire, and to feel empowered to change your reality," Potter says. "Because you can."

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