Everything We Know About Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars

What do you get when you cross MasterChef with Shark Tank
Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars! Channel 9’s new reality series sees 14 Australian food and beverage entrepreneurs battle it out to be named the first Australian ‘Food Stars’. 
The 14 contestants are mentored and challenged throughout the series by veteran TV chef and resident cranky man Gordon Ramsay and Australian businessperson and Shark Tank ‘shark’, Janine Allis. 
At the end of the season, Ramsay and Gordon will each choose a ‘Food Star’ to invest $250,000 in and continue to mentor. 
Here’s everything we know about Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars so far.  

Who Are The Hosts Of Food Stars? 

As the name suggests, British chef and television personality Gordon Ramsay is one of the hosts of Food Stars. Ramsay is best known for delivering brutally honest feedback to contestants and business owners on his many successful TV series including Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, and Next Level Chef. Ramsay has also appeared on MasterChef Australia previously as a guest host and judge. 
Ahead of the premiere, Ramsay told that he’s looking for someone who has ‘character, tenacity and attitude’. 
"In this competition, I want to be blown away. I want to be standing there absolutely excited with something I've never seen or heard of before,” he said. 
“You can have one of the best ideas anywhere on the planet, but if you haven't got the character to back that business up, you're in trouble," he added. "I need guts, determination... because this is cut-throat and you need to be cut-throat.” 
Gordon is joined by Boost Juice founder and Shark Tank star Janine Allis. Allis has also appeared as a contestant on Australian Survivor and was a boardroom advisor for the fifth season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia.
Allis told that she’s also looking for a contestant who has ‘tenacity’. 
"If you do not like hard work and you do not want to succeed in business, do not apply,” she said. 

How Does Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars Work? 

At the start of the series, the 14 contestants pitch their original food and beverage ideas to hosts and mentors Gordon Ramsay and Janine Allis.  
If impressed, Ramsay and Allis will move the contestants onto the next stage of the competition. In this stage, the contestants will be split into two teams – Team Gordon and Team Janine. 
Ramsay and Allis will then put the teams through a series of high pressure challenges and intense scrutiny to see whether they have what it takes to be Australia’s first ‘Food Stars’. 
Throughout the season, the contestants will be tested on their service, marketing, branding and event management skills and the viability of their product. 
At the end of the season, Ramsay and Allis will choose one idea from their team to invest in. 

Who Are The Contestants?

The Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars contestants are food and beverage entrepreneurs from all over Australia. While some have well-established businesses that they are ready to take to the next level, others have a killer idea which hasn't quite left the ground yet. 

Catherine, 36, VIC

Product: Good Edi
Team: Janine  
Catherine, along with her business partner Aniyo Rahebi, has created an edible coffee cup in the hopes of revolutionising the coffee industry. 
Good Edi’s cups are made with biscuit dough and coated with a heat-resistant layer of sugar and they have a shelf life of two weeks. 
The pair has already sold 150,000 cups, with one order coming from the production team on a Chris Hemsworth movie! 

Sina, 33, NSW 

Product: Miss Sina Bakery 
Team: Janine 
Sina has two established vegan bakeries in Sydney’s Surry Hills and Marrickville (which has also been featured in our Sydney's best vegan restaurants guide!)
Sina and the team are looking for ways to increase efficiency and add more gluten-free products to their range. The bakery already has a good social media presence and they’re hoping to be able to sell their products to people across Australia in the future. 

Ash, 32, NSW 

Product: Rude Boy Doughnuts 
Team: Janine 
Ash is a former cocktail bar owner who accidentally started a vegan doughnut business during the pandemic. He currently sells his products at markets and on UberEats at night, but he’d like to one day open a 24-hour vegan diner. 

Sophie, 28, NSW 

Product: Seoul Tonic 
Team: Janine 
Sophie launched Seoul Tonic after learning about the benefits of Korean pears and oriental raisins in stopping hangovers. The product is currently stocked in 80 retailers and Sophie is ready to take it to the next level. 

Danny, 34, WA

Product: Wolfitbox
Team: Janine 
Danny is the founder of dog food subscription box Wolfitbox, which contains food that’s so high in quality even humans can eat it.  
Danny already has a loyal customer base and a profitable business but he’s ready to take it to the next level. 

Renae, 45, WA

Product: Bunsters Hot Sauces
Team: Gordon 
Renae’s best-selling sauce ‘Shit The Bed’ has become the #1 best-selling hot sauce on Amazon USA multiple times.
She also sells milder hot sauces and a range of canned cocktails. 

Christiana, 27, NSW 

Product: Plant-based baklava
Team: Gordon 
Christiana is the founder of Ard, a micro-business that sells plant-based baklava. She currently sells her product through markets and pop-up events but would like to take it global. 

Mason, 32, WA 

Product: Kommunity Beer 
Team: Janine 
Mason saw a gap in the market for BBQ-friendly non-alcoholic drinks and so he started Kommunity Beer. The range now includes kombucha, fruit juice, and iced tea and he’s hoping to add more products to the range in the near future. 

Ethan, 28, VIC

Product: Umami Papi
Team: Gordon 
Ethan started his chilli oil business Umami Papi during lockdown. The product now has over 300 Australian stockists and he’s hoping to start selling it to the world. 

Troy, 43, Victoria 

Product: Blak Brews 
Team: Gordon 
Troy launched Blak Brews, a 100 per cent First Nations-owned and operated premium tea brand, in 2022. 
He’s hoping to expand the product line and get it stocked in a major supermarket. 

Pia, 35, VIC 

Product: Bodega Deli 
Team: Gordon 
When she’s not working as Madonna’s private chef, Pia is working on her business Bodega Deli, which offers a range of products including hot sauce, Japanese curry, hot honey, and chunky chilli oil.
If she wins, she wants to expand the business globally and outsource production of the products. 

Julie, 57, VIC

Product: The Smoked Egg Company 
Team: Gordon 
Julie has developed a process to smoke raw eggs, which extends their shelf life for up to six months. 
She currently works with Coles supermarkets and has licensing agreements around the world.

Aaron, 40, SA 

Product: MXTology
Team: Gordon  
Aaron is the founder of MXTology, a company that sells cocktails in a bag. 
He’s hoping to sell his products at festivals, pubs and clubs. 

Karen, 60, QLD

Product: Little White Goat Cheese
Team: Janine 
Karen is a goat farmer and artisan cheesemaker. During COVID she came up with a process for freeze-drying goat's cheese, which increases its shelf life and allows it to be shipped overseas. 

What Is The Prize? 

At the end of the season, the hosts will each choose one idea from their team to invest in. The winners will take home $250,000 to kick-start their business idea. They will also be mentored by either Ramsay or Allis. 
"Half a million dollars is going to be up for grabs in three weeks," Ramsay announced in the premiere episode. "Trust me, it's going to be a journey like no other." 

How Can I Watch Food Stars? 

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars premiered on Channel 9 and 9Now at 7:30pm on Tuesday, March 26.
New episodes will air each Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 7:30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now, and you can catch up on episodes anytime on 9Now. 

Watch The Trailer For Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars 

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