The 40 Best Vegan Restaurants In Sydney That Even Non-Vegans Will Love

Confession: I'm not vegan. But like many people, I'm trying to reduce my consumption of animal products, both for ethical reasons and to reduce my carbon footprint. Luckily, there's probably never been a better time to dip your toes into veganism, as there's a wealth of plant-based options available across Sydney, from your local supermarket to fine dining restaurants.
I remember being out a few years ago with some vegan friends, where the only menu item available to them was fries. But thankfully that's not the case anymore. In Sydney, there are heaps of vegan restaurants at every budget that cater to whatever you're craving — vegan pizza, burgers, pies, gelato and a variety of cuisines including Japanese, Italian, Palestinian, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean and Mexican.
So whether you're vegan, vegan-curious, wanting to add more plant-based foods to your diet or you just don't want to force your vegan friends to eat French fries for dinner, here's our curated list of the very best vegan restaurants in Sydney.
[Note: most of the restaurants on this list are 100% vegan, except a few at the bottom which either offer an extensive vegan menu, or something unique, like a vegan brunch. These are clearly marked.]
We update this list regularly, since Sydney's dining scene is always changing. Unfortunately some of Sydney's best OG vegan restaurants (Bodhi, Lentil as Anything, The Green Lion, Peppe's) have closed, but new ones keep popping up, so please comment below if you think we should try any new ones you'd recommend!