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30 Unique Gifts That Your Hard-To-Please Mum Didn’t Know She Needed

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Every year, we run through a frustratingly familiar line of questioning with our mums: “What do you want for [insert holiday/birthday/gift-giving occasion] this year?” And, every 365 days, the answer is the same: "Oh, I don’t really need anything.” Mu-um! Why are you so difficult to shop for? As a person who’s spent her life doing things for other people, she may not have her personal wishlist at the ready. Plus, her taste is so specific — you’ve discovered many a previous year’s present collecting dust in a basement cabinet or stashed, still shrink-wrapped, in a dresser drawer. When it comes to the hard-to-crack giftees in your life, the R29 team will happily rise to the challenge — and Christmas are one of our qualifying Olympian events.
Using our vast knowledge of the present-scape, we put on our “ungiftable” hats and combed the internet for unique, inventive and useful Christmas-ready tokens that have your impossible-to-shop-for mum’s name written all over them. Whether it’s an ultra-soft set of silk pyjama, a top-rated reading pillow or a mighty comfy clog, there’s a crowd-pleasing present ahead that will pass muster with your tough mother.
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