The Dos & Don’ts Of Dating Apps, According To Gen Z

Photo: Refinery29 UK
Online dating is a minefield even before you get to grip with the latest dating trends — straightforward ghosting is becoming passé, apparently, now that something called zombieing is taking over.
So, new research revealing what members of Gen Z consider the "dos" and "don'ts" of dating app etiquette definitely makes for interesting reading.
According to the survey by Tinder, caring about the environment and sustainability is a top priority for Gen Z daters. Nearly three-quarters (74%) said they wouldn't match with someone who holds different views on green issues to them.
"We've seen an increasing amount of love for environmentally-friendly dates in member bios, including a desire to meet up with fellow plant-based matches," said Tinder's Vice President of Product and Growth, Udi Milo. So, if you're trying out sustainable beauty products or embracing a more sustainable way of life, it could pay to mention this in your bio.
Equally important is a sense of humour: 73% of Gen Z daters — people aged between 18 and 25 for the purposes of Tinder's survey — said they wouldn't match with someone who doesn't find the same things funny.
Nearly as many — 71% — said it's a deal-breaker if a potential match holds opposing political views to them. This suggests that discussing the latest ScoMo shenanigans isn't the best conversation starter. On the other hand, it might be worth bringing up as early as possible if you want to steer clear of potential wokefishers.
Meanwhile, more than two-thirds said it's important for their match to be an animal lover. So, posing with a cat or dog on your profile pic could be a shrewd tactic, even if it seems like a total dating app cliché.
Finally, food appears to be pretty important as well. Half of Gen Z daters said they wouldn't match with someone who doesn't share their culinary tastes. So if you're a pretty good cook, it probably pays to brag about it.

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