The Worst Mistakes Managers Make — And How To Avoid Them

Many of us dream of the day when we’ll become managers. Finally, a chance to be the boss, have your voice heard and do shit the way you want to. Getting the promotion is a huge deal, and even if it’s extremely nerve-wracking, it’s also a major career milestone. But how do you actually learn to be a boss? When you step into that role, it’s unlikely you’ll have had any training, and chances are, you’re going to make some mistakes, the kind that can really impact other people's lives.
One way to learn how to be a good manager is to take advice from the smart women who’ve come before you. Ahead, we interview six women who told us about the mistakes they made as first-time managers, and offer advice on how you can avoid similar disasters. One thing to keep in mind as you read this, everyone messes up — even if you read this article and take every bit of advice we offer here. That’s okay. Because that’s really how you’ll learn how to be an excellent manager: by seeking advice, learning from your mistakes, and being willing to admit when you’re wrong or you need help.
It might be scary, but you’ve got this.

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