16 Dad-Approved Father’s Day Gifts For Every Budget

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While it's classic sitcom fodder to think dads don’t care as much about gifts and arbitrary holidays, they certainly appreciate an honourable mention just as much as mums do. So, it’s our duty to shower them with all the love and swag they deserve on Father's Day — even if it’s just with a five-pack of funky socks or some fanatically reviewed gardening equipment.
Many dads may revel in department store banners for lawnmower sales or the best BBQs on offer at Bunnings or BCF, but we're taking a break from the usual “practical” gift routine. A little nudge towards modernity never hurt anyone — and, best-case scenario, your pops may wind up finding his life completely enhanced by those quirky beer accessories, that hi-tech air fryer, and maybe even this new-fangled “All the birds” brand he keeps reading about.
Whether you've only got a few dollars in your wallet or a slightly heftier sum saved up (plus five siblings who are willing to pitch in), we’re supplying you with a by-budget guide to all the cool guy gift ideas he deserves this Father's Day.
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