12 Great Movies To Watch With Your Dad

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There's a few different ways to celebrate Father's Day. You can enjoy a meal together. Go for a nice stroll. Gift your dad some sort of new gadget he'll never use. Or, you can do what you're probably doing anyway and watch a movie. Inviting your dad to watch a movie with you is thoughtful — you chose a movie you'd both enjoy and want to sit in silence with him for two hours — and easy — you just have to choose a movie and sit in silence for two hours. The perfect gift!
The thing is, you need the right movie. It has to appeal to both of you. It has to not be awkward to watch with a parent. It has to involve two competing car companies and feature dad movie all-star Matt Damon.
While a film that fits that last description is in the following slideshow, the variety of movies you can watch with your dad is vast. There are documentaries, historical dramas, and action movies. There's a classic film series about father issues in space, a classic film series about father issues in the mob, and a classic film series about "Surprise! My father is Sean Connery." Read on to find out about these and more Father's Day-appropriate film options.
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