The Latest Fashion Month Size Diversity Report Is Here & No Surprises — It’s Bleak

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Plus-size models accounted for less than 1% of the representation at fashion month during the Spring/Summer 2024 season, a new report by Vogue Business has discovered.
The publication crunched the numbers behind 230 shows and presentations, which took place across New York, London, Paris and Milan over the last month to discover that of the 9,584 total looks, only 0.9% were shown on plus-size bodies (which is classified as an Australian size 18 or above).
The number was only slightly more promising when it came to mid-size models, with the demographic of size AU 10 to 16 models accounting for 3.9% of looks. But all in all, "straight size" models (aka size AU 4 - 8) were by far the highest represented, with 95.2% of looks shown on that size.
Given that the average woman in Australia wears a size 18, these numbers are really disheartening.
This season, the runways did see a small (read: minuscule) improvement from last season. According to Vogue Business, during the Autumn/Winter 2023 season, which took place in February of this year,  95.6% of looks were shown on "straight-size" models, while 3.8% on mid-size, and 0.6% on plus-size models.
Although the industry still has a long way to go, it's important to recognise the brands that are making strides in this area. Vogue notes that leaders in size inclusivity are often smaller brands — shout out to Karoline Vitto, Chopova Lowena and Bach Mai — and larger luxury houses are heading in the right direction (albeit slowly). This season, power players like Ferragamo and Mugler ranked on the size inclusivity index for the first time, while the likes of Nina Ricci and Chloé improved upon their previous numbers.
Fashion platform TagWalk reported that a total of 103 brands included curvy models on their runways this year, which is 10 more brands than last year's Spring/Summer 2023 season.
While it's heartening to see that the industry is at least heading in a positive direction, isn't it time we expected more?
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