5 Indie Fashion Labels Emma Chamberlain Has Us Obsessed With

Internet sweetheart Emma Chamberlain has Gen Zs wrapped around her finger. Her relatable YouTube videos detailing what she does in a day garner millions of views, with people glued to their screens for her funny commentary and eclectic personal style. The 20-year-old knows how to experiment: her aesthetic ranges from y2k outfits to trucker dad styles. Emma showcases an enviable pool of emerging brands and designers. These are some of her recent favourites that might quickly become yours too.

Gauntlett Cheng

Say hello to scrunched taffeta, ruching, and delicate silhouettes. Specialising in glorious pastels and the occasional pop of bright pink or tonal brown, Gauntlett Cheng is a New York label created by Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng. Pairing her ensemble with a pair of yellow platforms, Emma wears one of Gauntlett Cheng's pastel purple matching sets.


Think sparkles — think Dyspnea. That’s exactly what Emma did, complementing her light blonde hair with a champagne long-sleeved bodice. We’re giddy over this Australian label which ethically hand makes its garments in Bali. From knickers to corsets to mini dresses and more, Dyspnea embraces all things femme.

Asata Maisé

Asata Maisé Beeks is an independent fashion designer from Delaware known for her patchwork baguette bags. She also hand makes couture reversible butterfly corset sets, as seen on Emma. Paired with a micro wrap skirt, the set has been crafted with an upcycled vintage curtain panel and is reversible to navy blue linen.

Juliet Johnstone 

DIY denim is an ultra-fun way to jazz up jeans that are in need of some loving. That’s what LA-based label Juliet Johnstone is doing. Its unique range of hand-painted pants commonly feature butterflies, the word ‘love,’ flowers, and hearts — nothing says peace lovin’ more.


Korean label Kijun is obsessed with Seoul in the ‘80s and ‘90s. In fact, its whole womenswear brand exists to honour that era. Casual workwear meets resort holiday in Kijun’s current collection, and atypical silhouettes and unusual prints are a constant. We adore that Emma’s nabbed a printed turtleneck and an asymmetrical lemon singlet from Kijun.

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