8 Heatless Hairstyles That Anyone Can DIY This Winter

The weather this time of year feels too unpredictable to bother investing in complicated styling. So why not take a leaf out of the books of some modern style icons, each making the case for retro hairstyles of decades past making a major comeback. 
It seems that the hair phases we've spent our adult years trying to put behind us are well and truly back, thanks to some TikTokers and certain supermodels who won’t let an old trend go un-revived. And we have to say, we're feeling swayed. 
If you’re not ready to go crawling back to the side fringe or bleached money pieces, why not take on the transformative power of a fresh (and stupidly easy) hairstyle that leaves no room for dyer’s remorse?
With winter wreaking havoc on our hair, it’s the perfect time to get creative with our styling. To get inspired, click through for the celeb-approved heatless hairstyles we’re tipping to be everywhere this season.
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