Diptyque’s New Candle Collection Smells Like Your Favourite Parisian Cafe

Iconic fragrance brand Diptyque, renowned for its luxurious fragrances, candles and home scents, has announced an enticing new collaboration with Café Verlet, the oldest coffee purveyor in Paris. The limited edition collection introduces three delectable candles inspired by the gourmet delights served at Café Verlet, promising an immersive olfactory experience reminiscent of a Parisian café.
The collaboration marks a harmonious fusion of two storied brands — Diptyque, synonymous with exquisite scents, and Café Verlet, celebrated for its rich history of crafting fine coffees since 1880. Drawing inspiration from Café Verlet's menu of thirty pure-origin coffees, Diptyque introduces three new tantalising scents to its Classic Candle Collection: Café, Chantilly, and Biscuit, which smell like coffee, whipped cream and of course, biscuits.
Each candle encapsulates the essence of Café Verlet's offerings, designed to transport you to the heart of Paris with its evocative notes. The Café candle entices with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans and toasted cereals, while the Chantilly candle envelops your space with a delicate, airy vanilla, recalling the fluffy sweetness of whipped cream. The Biscuit candle is the final addition to the gourmand candle collection, and is inspired by Verlet's signature gâteaux de voyage (which translates to "traveller's cakes") featuring spicy notes tinged with patchouli.
This delicious candle collection invites you to savour the essence of a Parisian café within the comfort of your home — and just in time for winter, when staying indoors with a cosy candle is at the absolute top of our list of things to do. And if you’re lucky enough to live in Melbourne, Mecca is hosting pop-up Café Diptyque from the 5th to the 19th of April, so you can experience Parisian café culture in the heart of Melbourne’s own coffee mecca, Hardware Lane. For $40, you and a guest can explore the Diptyque x Café Verlet candle collection, followed by a set coffee menu from Andrew McConnell of Melbourne’s Morning Market. Imagine sipping on a delicious hot chocolate (topped with whipped cream, naturally), with croissants and petit fours. You can book a table for two here.
In Australia and New Zealand, the candles will be available to shop exclusively at Mecca, in stores and online, as of April 2.
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