Good News: You Can Now Buy Dyson Airwraps Customised To Your Hair Type

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When the Dyson Airwrap launched back in 2018, it swiftly became a cult beauty product, so much so that Dyson released a second iteration, an Airwrap 2.0, if you will, earlier this year.
While it still comes at a hefty $899 price tag, it just got a little easier to hand over your hard-earned cash. Why? Because Dyson has given consumers the ability to customise their Airwrap.

How does the Dyson Airwrap customisation work?

Previously, when you brought any of the multi-stylers — long, short, brush + comb combo etc. — you got a specific set of attachments that came with each. This meant that if you needed an attachment outside of the pre-packaged Airwraps, you had to buy them separately.
That also meant that you might end up with some attachments you may not use.
However, if you buy an Airwrap now, you can take a short quiz on the Dyson website that asks you a series of questions about your hair type (length, hold and thickness etc.) before giving you six customised attachments based on your results that'll suit your styling needs.
Yep, this means you might even be lucky enough to land yourself some of the newer attachments like the Coanda Smoothing Dryer, a two-in-one flyaway tamer and hair-dryer, and the new Wide-Tooth Comb attachment that's made with curly and coily textures in mind.

Where can I buy the new customisable Airwrap?

The new customisable Dyson Airwrap is available now on Dyson's website.
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