Lazy Oaf Is Dropping The Wildest Crocs You’ve Ever Seen

Photo Courtesy of Lazy Oaf x Crocs.
The clog frenzy isn’t dying down and Crocs' newest collaboration is the last bit of proof anyone needed. The brand has paired up with cult London label Lazy Oaf to announce the most out-of-this-world collection of Crocs you’ve ever seen, set to drop next week. Spoiler alert: prepare to see lots of teddy bears.
Lazy Oaf, the indie brand founded by Gemma Shiel in 2001, is known for its emotive prints, quirky designs and gender-fluid styles — and this collaboration is a true reflection of the brand. The drop features two of Crocs’ classic styles reimagined in tripped-out colourways, plus a brand-new platform clog.
Shiel, who says she relied on Crocs throughout the pandemic (like many of us), hails their unpretentiousness and calls them "the most comfortable shoes on the planet". 
"Crocs have been a staple in many a Lazy Oaf campaign, and we think they’re the ultimate shoe for anyone craving that ‘Lazy’ lifestyle," she said via press release. "We had the freedom to play with possibilities, experiment and explore ideas, resulting in three bold styles that each reflect elements of Lazy Oaf’s signature style."
One look at the campaign images (scroll these Instagram posts to watch their out-of-this-world videos) and you know what she means. Each of the styles has been given its very own world inspired by sci-fi and old-school gaming and they're almost as exciting to look at as we imagine the shoes will be to wear.
From the Classic Clog (Crocs’ most recognisable style) in slime green and stacked with Lazy Oaf gummy bear Jibbitz to the Classic Lined Clog, which has a fleece lining and a giant, three-eyed teddy head on each foot, these are not the kind of shoes you wear when you want to blend into a crowd.
The newest addition to the Crocs fam is the Mega Crush, a chunky platform that's likely to turn all the heads this summer. Featuring enormous floral Jibbitz and a multicoloured, spray-painted outsole, just add a T-shirt dress or plain pair of jeans for ultra style and comfort.
"Crocs lives by its 'Come As You Are' manifesto, and our mission is to make everyone feel comfortable in their own shoes," said Yann Le Bozec, senior marketing director at Crocs, via press release. "So it felt only natural to partner with Lazy Oaf, a brand who shares our passion for creativity and self-expression."
The limited-edition shoes will be available online at Crocs and Lazy Oaf on May 20, 10am.
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