Sturdy & Stylish: 8 Comfortable Utility Sandals To Invest In This Season

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Crucial to everyday life, with the power to make or break an outfit, shoes can really stump us. Particularly right now since our usual summer planning has been rendered futile thanks to the sad weather brought on by La Niña.
The air is hot and humid, our dresses and shorts have come out of storage, but there's wet weather and winds abound. Rain boots and covered shoes don't feel right for the holidays, but neither do dainty sandals.
Where we can find inspiration is in the gorpcore trend that has taken over in the last few years. An aesthetic that focuses on the hyper-functional and outdoorsy style of hiking gear, gorpcore has well and truly made its way into streetwear. From puffer jackets and vests to hiking boots and water bottle bags, we're all here for the convenience and comfort of outdoor-wear. And gorpcore may just hold the solution to our footwear dilemma.
The utility sandal, often spotted on dads and people who engage in sport for fun, is a kind of hybrid shoe that can look a bit intimidating in its girth and complex fastening. That's really just because, unlike a lot of other fashion shoes we shop for, these clompers are literally made to be walked in, unencumbered by the elements. Think of them like an all-terrain 4WD for your feet. Plus, thanks to the rise in gorpcore, there are plenty of styles that aren't too hard on the eyes.
And honestly, it's hard to go back to pretty shoes that hurt once you've dipped your toes into the world of snug, ugly shoes.

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