28 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts For Your Parents

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When it comes to shopping for our parents, in-laws and grandparents, it can be a bit tricky. What do you buy the people who seem to already have everything?
After a few years of shopping for the family (don't you miss being a kid and not having to buy something for everyone at Christmas?!), I've realised that there are two main ideas buckets you can usually draw inspiration from: sentimental gifts and small pleasures.
Sentimental gifts are the ones that a lot of thought went into — think family photoshoots, engraved jewellery or watches, gifts that remind them of you, or treasures that will allow them to create new family traditions.
Small pleasures are those little gifts that they don't necessarily think to buy for themselves but might want or enjoy — things like luxury candles, massage devices, kitchen gadgets and other fun treats.
So whether it’s a recipe book that can house all of mum's delicious creations, a shower drink holder for dad, or a classic three-wick candle for grandma, there's nothing more rewarding than surprising your parents or grandparents with a gift that they will use and love.
We've rounded up a bunch of our favourite gifts for our parents and grandparents. Enjoy!

Gift Ideas for Mum

Let's start with the easier parent to buy for (imo): mum! Here we've rounded up everything from essential oils and aprons to skincare sets and candle wick trimmers. You're bound to find something mum didn't even know she needed. Oh, and did we mention that these gift ideas are also perfect if you're shopping for your mother-in-law or stepmum?

Gift Ideas for Dad

Ah, the old man. Always the harder one to buy for, mostly because dads have a habit of either a) going out and buying whatever they need, or b) giving you the ol' "I'm not too fussed, darl" when you ask them what they want for Christmas. Really helpful, dad! So we've rounded up a bunch of fun things like shower drink holders, Airpods (they're on sale!), a personal pizza grill and magnetic BBQ lights that any dad would be chuffed to receive this Christmas. Again, these gift ideas could work for your father-in-law or stepdad, too.

Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

Of course, this round-up wouldn't be complete without a few gift ideas for the grandparents. From three-wick candles and 1000-piece puzzle art through to smart mugs and smart home devices, here are our top picks for gran and pa.
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