Chouchou Is The Australian Lingerie Label Catering For The Female Gaze

Chouchou Intimates
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If the nickname "sweetcakes" was represented in a brand, it would be Chouchou Intimates. The dreamy lingerie brand loved on Instagram and TikTok is known for its use of punchy colours, vintage-inspired silhouettes, and matching sets inspired by the glamour of the '50s and rebelliousness of the '60s.
While the French name might be misleading, Chouchou actually came to life in Australia, founded by Tina Grasso as a one-woman show back in 2019. "Chou chou" is often used as a term of endearment for someone who is a favourite, and was picked as the brand's name because it sounds as cute as the products look.
The entrepreneur describes herself as a "self-confessed underwear lover since birth" and told Refinery29 Australia that the brand came to life in an attempt to bridge the gap between day and night intimates. "I was frustrated by the division between 'everyday' underwear, which lacked quality and style, and luxury lingerie which, while being beautiful, is often expensive and impractical," she says. Her goal is to create high-quality, inclusive and affordable pieces that are comfortable to wear when the sun is up, but are still cute enough for date night.
Frilled bralettes, dotted mesh and an abundance of bows are the hallmarks of Chouchou's lingerie sets, where, as Grasso shares, "you won't find any beige tones or boring designs".
"When doing my initial research, the most recurring topic brought up by the young women I spoke to was that they often find lingerie brands to be confronting and intimidating through their overtly sexual positioning," she says. "Chouchou has never been, nor will ever be, a brand that caters to the male gaze. I wanted to create products that women would genuinely want to buy for themselves as a means to feel more confident in their own skin."
In the three years since launching, Chouchou (pronounced "shoo shoo") has gained a dedicated following on Instagram, and even caught the attention of TikTok star Addison Rae, who bought multiple of the brand's silky Audrey knickers embroidered with her name on them. It's this personalisation that makes Chouchou stand out as a brand for women, by women, as an embodiment of self-love.
"I think we all love the concept of being able to personalise and monogram our belongings," says Grasso. "It makes them feel unique and sentimental — more like an 'heirloom', rather than just another purchase." Grasso started offering the service after the 2020 lockdown disrupted business logistics, turning a problem into an innovative solution.
"I ordered an embroidery machine online from a hobby sewing shop and began playing around, coming up with vintage-inspired designs that were nostalgic whilst also being a little bit cheeky and edgy," she explains. "It ended up being the perfect way to reinvigorate my existing product range and truly transformed my business. I had a record-breaking month just working out of my bedroom and I knew I was on to something special."
While the shoutout from Addison Rae, and getting to work with influencers like Zigs Mom, Millie Sykes and Joely Malcolm are high on the list of wins, the number one achievement for Grasso is seeing the Chouchou community keep on growing.
"To be honest, every time someone places an order, I am always so thankful and surprised," says Grasso. "A piece from Chouchou sells every hour globally — it is crazy to think my brand is loved by so many."

"Chouchou has never been, nor will ever be, a brand that caters to the male gaze."

Tina Grasso
This year, Grasso is excited to launch some of her existing styles in new colourways, as well as a sustainable eco-cotton range in a fresh collection, and more personalisation options. At the same time, she says that Chouchou is committed to its tenets: diversity, empowerment and sustainability.
"Being as size-inclusive as possible was a non-negotiable for me. The products are inspired and tested by all the women in my life, so creating lingerie that suits a wide variety of shapes and sizes was important," she says. "We are very much a 'slow fashion' brand, we do not have frequent launches, only averaging 2-3 new products a year. Not only do we strive to be socially and ethically responsible, but we are also committed to only working with suppliers who share these values," Grasso adds.
She believes that what you wear underneath your clothes is equally, if not more, important than what's on top, and that all lingerie should make its owner feel like they can take on the world.
"The underwear you choose each morning has the power to make or break your day, so my goal is to make women feel confident in their bodies and ready to take on the world!"
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