7 Celebrities Who Recycle Their Red Carpet Looks

For years now, fashion has been moving towards circular and sustainable practices.
But while we as consumers place more of an importance on greener consumption, it's also easy to get caught up in the desire for the new, new, new.
So when celebrities and influencers are spotted re-wearing old favourites, it has an impact. Normalising that a piece of clothing shouldn't be a one-and-done matter, recycled red carpet looks are actually a trend we hope to see more of in the events to come. Some have even managed to dip into the archives to wow us in gowns over five decades old!
Why fix what ain't broken, right? Beyond just the novelty, being an outfit repeater is essential to combatting the environmental impact of the fashion industry — just ask the pros.
Fashion legend Anna Wintour is famously known to cut a chic figure in a familiar getup — and has long encouraged others to re-wear their clothes with pride. In fact, even though she's rumoured to have a pretty generous clothing allowance, she once told NYMag, "I usually wear the same dress twenty times. I think it's always fun to have something new, but it doesn't mean that everything you already have in your closet has to be thrown out, you know? Recycle."
And we couldn't agree more. As much as we love to treat ourselves to the latest in our sartorial obsessions, the importance of investing in pieces that you'll want to wear over and over again is really the only way to ensure that our wardrobes are actually sustainable.
Below, we round up some of our favourite moments where uber-stylish celebrities have proven that newer isn't always better.

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