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24 Purrfect Gifts For All The Cat Lovers In Your Life

Designed by Marli Blanche
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I don't know what it is about cat ladies, but we tend to get a bad rap. The 'cat lady' trope is widely considered to be an insult, which is truly baffling. Psychologists have determined that cat people tend to be imaginative, open-minded and like to stand out from the crowd — all of which makes shopping for them all the more fun.
Since cat people are very specific people, they deserve a list of very specific gifts — ones that cater to their love of cats, of course. Ahead, we've rounded up 23 gift ideas for every budget, from tiny earrings to personalised water bottles and a boujee cat carrier, most of which are, naturally, adorned with our favourite domesticated pet. (Sorry, dog people).
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