I Wish I’d Bought A Portable Steamer Sooner — Here’s Why

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It was perhaps the unlikeliest item to put on our wedding registry. My husband thought it was a bit of an intimate thing to ask for. But I didn't care. I knew it would change my life. The item I'm talking about is a portable clothes steamer. It was gifted to us by my friend Jean, who wrote in the card that she hoped that this would ensure our marriage remained steamy. A joke that she apologised for, unnecessarily, because I believe her note to be true.
A portable clothes steamer is the secret to, well, perhaps not a steamy marriage but to looking chic when you do not have time to be chic.
As somebody who is generally always running late. I have been known to pick something up from my "floordrobe," inspect it and then put it on, hoping for the best. I have ironed clothes while they're on my body. I'm invariably crushed and creased, but doing my best. Oh, and I also spend a fortune at the dry cleaner for all of those pesky "dry clean only" pieces in my wardrobe (and yes, I am too lazy to hand wash and press them myself as per my mother's suggestion — you're always right mum!). This is despite a life-long desire to be the kind of chic, perfectly turned-out and always appropriate for any social situation lady. Basically, to be Grace from Grace & Frankie.
This is where my portable steamer comes in. The heat of the steamer means that it can quickly press my clothes, and as I've found that it's more effective on wrinkles. It's also a dream on all those tricky clothes that I insist on buying with drapes and bows and pleats. I could talk about my steamer all day. But I won't.
Instead, below are five more reasons why you should think about buying one.
1. You can sleep in longer because it will take less time to steam a shirt rather than iron it.
2. It works on all fabrics including cashmere and silk.
3. It's fairly light and doesn't take up much room, so you can take it with you on holidays.
4. You will save money by steaming clothes at home rather than taking them to be pressed at the dry cleaner.
5. You will have an excellent Zoom party conversation, because who doesn't want to talk about their clothes steamer? (Right!?).

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