What People Get Wrong About Bisexuality, According To 27 Bi Australians

Illustrated by Melita Tirado.
It's Bisexual Awareness Week — and while the largest sector of the LGBTQIA+ community might not need awareness per se, there is still a need for light to be shone on the many myths, misconceptions and biphobia surrounding our sexuality.
No, bi folk aren't all cheating, threesome-obsessed, indecisive, hypersexualised beings. We aren't confused or going through a phase. And please, don't flatter yourself; we aren't attracted to every breathing bundle of flesh that looks our way.
We asked 27 Australians who identify as bisexual to share the misconceptions they hear most often. Sidney wants people to know that "we all hold dualities and contradictions which form our whole, beautiful selves". Harrie has had enough of the assumption that they have to be "super hypersexual" to be bisexual. And Rachel tells us that acceptance in her bisexuality has made her "more free and comfortable in [her] identity" than ever.
Ahead, the (many) misconceptions that Australian bisexual folk are sick of hearing.
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