Sleep Sustainably With These Top Bedding Brands

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Over the last few years, we've seen a shift in people's attitudes towards sustainability; from fashion to veganism to eco-friendly weddings, but there's always room for elevating our new conscious lifestyles, and that begins with tackling at-home sustainability. It's easy enough to practice in your sleep and it all starts with making a more sustainable bed.
We rounded up the top sustainable companies that are redefining our concept of what trendy bedding looks and feels like; from the softest sheet sets made with chemical and cruelty-free manufacturing to partially biodegradable-fill comforters, certified-organic mattresses, fair-trade pillows, and more. The rise in direct-to-consumer bedding brands not only translates to higher quality goods for fairer prices but also to higher quality goods made with fairer environmental practices. In addition to premium eco-friendly products, many of these companies also partner with environmental-protection groups to promote social action, too — whether it's planting a tree per purchase, exploring` alternative energy options, practicing people-first employee ethics and equal pay, or even just minimising water consumption.
Scroll ahead to take a proactive step towards a more sustainable life, starting from the comfort of your own bed.

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