Glossier Now Ships To Australia! These Are The Products R29 Editors Love

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When Glossier launched in the US in 2014, it ushered in a new glossy, millennial pink-hued era of beauty. In the years since, many have extolled the barely-there ethos of the brand, which brought the "off duty" look to faces everywhere. The brand has also received its fair share of criticism, and there have been questions over whether it's really any different from any other brand on the market that favours a glowy base.
No matter which camp you reside in, there has always been one question on our glossy lips: for a brand that seemingly aligns aesthetically with the plethora of beachy brands all over Australia, why oh why does it still not ship here?
Today, that changes, with the brand announcing that they've gone global. That's right beauty lovers, Glossier is now officially shipping to Australia, so you can stop forking out for those extortionate post-forwarding companies.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Glossier To Australia In 2023?

Standard shipping to Australia will take between seven and 11 business days, and costs $16 unless you spend over $110 — in which case, it's free. Express shipping costs $35 and will arrive in five to seven business days, but is also free if you spend over $210.

Which Glossier Products Are Worth Your Money?

Glossier's suite of products has come a long way since launching nine years ago, but like with any other brand, we all have our favourites. Ahead are the products that Refinery29 Australia editors always stock up on when travelling overseas (or force their friends to bring them back from a trip).
Glossier You promises to smell different on every person. While I can't personally vouch for that, what I can vouch for is how many times I've been told I smell great while wearing this scent: many, many times. It has a woody, slightly peppery smell with a hint of freshness that thankfully doesn't veer into being sickly sweet. I own both the spray and solid version, but prefer this one.
Glossier's Lash Slick is the ideal mascara for people who love a lengthened lash but not a ton of volume. She gives a "your lashes but better" energy (in keeping with the rest of the Glossier brand) and is also a tubing formula, which means it won't flake or run down your face, even on the sweatiest days. It comes in brown and black, and both are cute!
It's appropriate that Glossier has finally started shipping to Australia right before summer starts because Cloud Paint is ideal for the warmer season. The texture is like a lightweight gel-cream, which is to say you can add a little bit for a light wash of colour, or a lot for a more substantial pop. Cloud Paint comes in 10 shades.
Perhaps the first Glossier product to go truly viral, Boy Brow is many people's gateway Glossier product. It comes in seven shades (including clear and grey), all of which add a subtle tint to the brows and a flexible hold to each strand to help them stay in place. This isn't for anyone who loves a cement-like hold to their brows, but is great for those of us who want a one-and-done tint and set.
This year, I'm finding myself reaching for easy lipsticks that I can apply without a mirror and embracing the half-smooched-off, blurred lipstick look. Generation G is exactly that.It offers a diffused wash of colour to the lips but is still buildable, in case you're looking to take your lip from day to night.
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