Yes, A Glass Handbag Is Worth The Risk

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Let me start by saying that we understand you might be bewildered by the glass handbag trend. Ever since celebrities like Doja Cat, Kylie Jenner, and Kim Kardashian have sported the delicate tote on casual outings and red carpet events, fashion fans are left wondering if it's worth the risk to buy. What if you drop it or bump into something? Will it shatter into a million pieces? 
To answer your question: it's still fragile, so if you're hasty, then it can break. However, most glass purses are created from blown glass, a sturdier form of silica. Hence, if you're not planning on throwing your bag around or participating in strenuous activities, you’re probably in the clear. (See what we did there?) You can pair it with a classic nap dress for a relaxing weekend brunch with friends or an outdoor picnic with your family. Another alternative is adding it to any funky going-out outfit — Kim Kardashian wore hers with her sultry Coachella ensemble. With proper care, it can be a dazzling statement piece that will sparkle in the sun and make your tired old lipgloss look like a display piece.
Does the price of the iconic Coperni glass handbag scare you? Let Etsy's foolproof acrylic version reassure you. It's a fan favourite for those who appreciate the artistic look and want a similar version for a fraction of the price. (Coperni's glass Swipe bags start at $2,700 (USD). The chrome one that Doja Cat wore to the 2022 Grammy Awards costs $2,950 USD.) The delicate piece has the same silhouette and elegance as the Parisian brand's original style and boasts over 23,000 sales. While the creator suggests using the modern piece as decoration for your home or garden, you can easily fashion it into a statement accessory. Ultimately, the choice is yours, as it's gorgeous for any use: an eye-catching vase, fishbowl, or a striking bag for an upscaled occasion.
A tote bag that effortlessly matches Cinderella's glass slippers. Sage & Sill offers a variety of glass handbags, from a short wavy one to a tall minimalistic basket style, but this design deserves a spot of its own. It instantly draws attention with its charming rigid appearance and propped-up silhouette. Imagine walking back from the farmer's market with your new bouquet already set in a portable vase? Now, that's an Instagram-worthy picture. However, if you're only looking to update your worn-out PVC bag, this does the trick. You won't ever have to worry about tears or it getting dirty from a loose eyeliner too. You'll only have to be a bit more careful carrying it around.
Stay safe with this tiny acrylic handbag that gives off the appearance of crushed glass. It's durable for those days when you don't have time to coddle a glass piece. Yet, you're still fond of the transparent look of a glass purse. The seafoam green hue is lovely for tropical vacations or beach weddings. The glistening water and sparkling sun will no doubt shine against this accessory. It also comes with a luxe gold chain. You can hold it by the top handle and let the chain dangle by itself or as a shoulder bag. Plus, it has a magnetic closure with 24k electro-plated hardware, so your lipstick and wallet won't slip out.
Short and sweet. Haetingcare's glass handbag is shorter than Sage & Sill's tote bag, but still offers that flawless handblown feature. No two pieces are the same, as little air bubbles adorn the purse. In addition, the bag is made out of recycled green glass, so you get a nice subtle hue. It reminds me of the light green sheen from old-school glass Coke bottles.
This delicate and playful small handbag is made straight from the Tuscan factory of the skilled glass artisans, Industria Vetraria Valdarnese. Fashionably make it into a grocery bag and bring it with you when you have to grab some limes or lemons from the store or carry key essentials like a colourful wallet and your keys.
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