The 15 Best Sydney Curl Salons That Will Tackle Everything From Frizz To ‘Fro

Image via @mouseybrowne/Instagram
There are a lot of forces working against curly hair in Australia: humidity, heat and even the minerals found in water when showering. It's also quite hard to find specific, tailored and dedicated hair stylists in Sydney who live and breathe curls, especially when they need some extra TLC.
However, over the last five years, there's been a seismic shift in the number of salons that recognise and embrace curls of all types and patterns. It comes at a vital time when more and more people are starting to realise they have naturally curly hair after all (spoiler alert — it might not just be frizzy!).
So whether you've got your curl routine down pat and want to shake it up, or are starting your curl journey from the beginning, it's time to call up the experts. We've compiled the top 15 Sydney hair salons that specialise and work with curls ahead. Your curls deserve only the best!
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