The Best Single-Serve Coffee Machines For Small Spaces & Time Racers

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Single-serve coffee makers (sans fancy espresso machines) often get a bad rap for making a rushed, weak, and cheap cup of coffee. But after scavenging the internet and sifting through hundreds of reviews, we're here to tell you that's not the case. We've rounded up the best single-serve coffee makers — from classic Keurigs to high-end Nespressos — that the internet has to offer.
First and foremost, these single-serve coffee machines are highly rated online. Some come with their very own travel mugs that fit right into the machine and are perfect for sipping as you run to your next important engagement. Others have milk-frothing attachments that make getting a cafe-level cup a breeze. There's also a machine or two that uses both single-serve coffee pods and regular ground coffee, so you can brew your pick-me-up any way you'd like. Hint hint: any of these babies would make a great gift idea. Get ready to fill your (single) cup to the brim with some grade-A java thanks to the help of the 14 convenient caffeine machines, ahead.

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