Long Live The Bermuda Short, A Summer Saviour

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Since they first gained popularity in the '60s, denim short shorts (or 'jean shorts' as some would know them as) have become an iconic staple of pop culture, and of Aussie fashion. From their rise to the teeniest Daisy Dukes, to the controversially distressed styles we sometimes see today (see these cursed backwards ripped shorts), one of the most hotly debated elements of any pair of bottoms is, of course, the hem line.
We've had our fun with this transitional weather, but summer in Australia is no joke. No matter where you are, the heat and humidity can make getting dressed a nightmare. But instead of falling into the trap of a slip dress that reveals all sweat, or mini skirts that simply aren't that comfortable, why not go down the hyperpractical path, one likely taken by your parents at some point, and give in to the Bermuda short.
A somewhat controversial silhoeutte, the Bermuda short was first born at the turn of the century after British military officers were forced to serve in the sweltering tropical climates of Bermuda. From there, the short, that is usually high-rise and falls just above the knee, has taken off with the return of all things '90s-era.
Comfortable and covered, the Bermuda is the unsung hero of summer fashion. Not only can you rest assured that you'll be treated to w edgie-free experience, but they also look just as good with chunky boots as they do with wraparound heels or minimalist sandals. To style them, we recommend opting for a simple t-shirt and oversized blazer for a fool-proof, all-ocassions look.
Read on for our favourite Bermuda short picks for this upcoming summer season.

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