This Affordable Hair Accessory Is The Key To An Easy Updo

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The claw clip? Who is she? If TikTok is anything to go by, her cooler and more versatile sister hair accessory is even better. Enter: the banana clip.
Those who grew up in the '80s or '90s will know that the hair accessory — a curved clip with teeth that meet in the middle when fastened — isn't exactly brand-new or groundbreaking. But like all hair trends (the shag, the bottleneck bob and the mullet, for example), everything comes back around.
And the banana clip is definitely back with a bang. So far, the #bananaclip hashtag has amassed 151 million TikTok views, with the app's beauty enthusiasts enlisting the accessory to create all manner of effortless updos. Think cascading ponytails (sans tight, snagging hair ties), messy buns that take seconds and retro-inspired, half up, half down styles.
Just like the claw clip, you don't have to be a seasoned pro to be able to style your hair with this more streamlined version — and the finished results are arguably twice as Instagram-worthy as those thrown together with your standard claw.
So how can you make the banana clip work for your hair texture and hair length? From thick and curly to short and fine, here's how to nail it, courtesy of TikTok.

Natural, curly hair

@afroasiancurly proves that there are a number of banana clips to choose from, including this elasticated version. It works well on afro, curly and thick hair as it has a little more give than the slightly rigid, plastic alternatives. Simply tip your head upside down, place the banana clip underneath your hair, flip back up and fasten. This high ponytail serves serious '80s vibes. You can find these on Amazon for $11.

Thick hair

For those with hair on the more voluminous side, take inspiration from @nandiniraw, who uses a long, curved banana clip to scoop her lengths into a half up, half down style. Open up the clip so that the pre-fastened end is pointing upwards. Then imagine you're putting on an Alice band but gather the top section of your hair into the clip and clasp it shut. The style is perfect if you like wearing your hair down but want to keep it off your face, and we love the Scunci banana clip, $7.95, for this style.

Fine hair

If you have fine hair, you can fashion an easy bun like @hairwithamy. "Start by framing your face," she says. If you don't want the bun to look too perfect, pull out some hair strands at the top and at the sides to give the style a lived-in twist. "Gather all of your hair at the top of your head," continues Amy, "open the banana clip up, wrap it around the bun and clasp it on the other side." Give your bun a tug (just as you would to tighten the grip on a hair tie) to create the illusion of more volume.

Medium-length hair

@na.namiicho Can’t believe it took me so long to try these! Makes your hair look longer up 😳 #bananaclip #hairaccessory #clawcliphack #hairtietrick #ponytailhacks ♬ gee - ‘•.¸♡♡¸.•’
If you want to make your ponytail more interesting, look to @parknamee, who uses a curved, clear banana clip to whip her hair up into a midi ponytail. Once fastened, she pulls at her hair slightly at the top to give the final result an accidentally perfect finish. The addition of curtain bangs takes this to the next level. This four-pack on Amazon is only $9.

Long hair

@amanda__guido I just posted 3 of these hairstyles. 1 is a major flop, comment on which one you see first 😅#curlyhairstyles #lowponytail ♬ Partition - Beyoncé
If you have long hair, opt for a low ponytail like @itsamandaguido, who also uses an elasticated banana clip with long teeth. For ease, Amanda uses a hairdresser's sectioning clip to gather up her hair before placing the banana clip underneath, releasing the sectioning clip and fastening the banana clip.

Short hair

@crybabysenpai is proof that banana clips (they use a stretchy version) and short hair work a treat. Holding both sides, the TikToker places the banana clip underneath the hair and gives it a tug before scooping up the hair and fastening. Pluck out a few strands at the sides for a less polished result.
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