6 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles To Try Now — Whatever Your Hair Length

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When hairdressers threw their doors open again, we expected an influx of glamorous and intricate hair trends to reign supreme. But while the demand for '70s shags, wolf cuts and wispy curtain fringes show no sign of slowing down, it seems this summer is all about keeping things as low maintenance as possible.
If you're on TikTok or Instagram, you've probably seen that the claw clip — arguably the most iconic '90s hair accessory if you discount accordion headbands and scrunchies — has made a return. Hundreds of simple videos instructing how to whip your hair into a cute and easy updo in moments are garnering millions of views, and the best part is that they work for all hair types, textures and lengths.
Scroll ahead for the best quick and easy claw clip hair trends to try now.

The best claw clip hairstyle for long hair

Fashioned by Kira on Instagram, this claw clip hairstyle occupies a space between chic and undone thanks to the perfectly twisted base (which you can achieve by twirling your hair around your index finger) and the mussed up top where the ends have been left to cascade over the crown. If you want to keep the ends in place, simply spritz with stronghold hairspray. Long hair will require a relatively large claw clip to secure every inch.

The best claw clip style for short hair

Yes, you can get in on the claw clip trend with short hair. Using a small claw clip, TikTok's Sophie Hannah has dreamt up three styles in this video. Firstly, the twist and clip. Simply wrap your hair around your index finger, secure the clip and let the ends fall from the top. Then there's the half-up-half-down twist. This is exactly the same as before, but you're twirling just the top section of hair before clipping. Lastly, the half-up-half-down ponytail: gather the top section, secure at the base and you're good to go. Like Sophie, you can pluck out sections of hair to frame your face.

The best claw clip style for medium-length hair

TikTok's Ally Chen has served up not one but six claw clip hair trends to try if you have medium-length hair: the half-up-half-down fanned out style, space buns and our personal favourite, the French braid. To achieve the braid, weave your hair into a low plait, secure with a hairband and conceal it with the claw clip. If your hair is a tad shorter, take inspiration from TikTok's Toni Rose with this very easy twist.

The best claw clip style for thick hair

Instagram's Stefa Saddi shows us exactly how to wear the claw clip when your hair is on the thick side. Scoop your lengths into a low ponytail and tie with a hairband to ensure the style won't unravel as soon as you clip it up. Just like other styles, twist your hair around your index finger and secure with a large square claw clip. Using a hair serum or texturising pomade, twirl the ends with your fingers and allow them to fan out over the clip.

The best claw slip style for natural and curly hair


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TikToker Sariyay's makes this claw clip hack for curly hair look so easy. Depending on the length of your hair, leave some tendrils of hair free at the front and twist your hair at the back. Fasten the twisted section with a large claw clip and fix any stray strands with hair grips. For a sleek finish, apply a little edge control gel where needed.

The best claw clip style for fine hair

TikTok's Leah Malone collects her hair into a low ponytail but the trick is not to tie it. Instead, spin your hair around your index finger, twist it anti-clockwise so that it creates a loop and then clip into place. Raking a little shine serum through your lengths will ensure a smooth, frizz-free style for longer.

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